8.00 Milan have agreed with Cagliari on the signing of striker David Suazo for around 14 million euros. Last week, the Honduras striker had undergone his medical with Inter, with whom he has already reached an agreement 10.16 Milan have announced through their website the signing of Cagliari striker David Suazo: “Honduras international David Suazo will wear the Milan shirt next season. The deal was finalised through the night. The player has not signed yet, but Suazo will wear the Milan shirt next season. Yesterday, Cagliari president Cellino and Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani met over dinner; at midnight, they called Silvio Berlusconi who gave the go-ahead, on the condition that the two clubs signed straight away. 10.32 Cagliari president Cellino explained: “I have signed a contract with Milan. If the player refuses the transfer, he will stay at Cagliari. Inter president Moratti? I have been trying to contact him since Thursday.” 11.29 “It’s highly likely we won’t be able to sign Eto’o, which means that after getting Suazo, we’re done for the summer,” said Milan vice president Adriano Galliani. “We did not mean to make Inter angry; we’ve wanted Suazo for over a year. Cellino told us negotiations with Inter were over and we decided to try and sign him.” 14.27 Inter president Massimo Moratti said: “President Cellino has behaved unfairly; it’s not true he has been trying to reach me. There is no reason for them to have behaved in this way. We had a full agreement with Cagliari. Even Milan’s behaviour has little justification, but I know what kind of people we are dealing with, and there isn’t much I can do. Suazo is a player we thought could be useful for us, and Mancini is certainly disappointed. In any case, Suazo has signed with us and wants to play with us, which is why it’s not over yet. This has nothing to do with what happened with Ibrahimovic last summer. That time too Milan tried to beat us, but were not able to.” 16.15 “David Suazo still has not reached an agreement with Milan,” says Carlo Pallavicino, business partner of Giovanni Branchini, who is Suazo’s agent. “Right now, Branchini is in Japan and will be made aware of the stuation on his return,” added Pallavicino. 20.12 Cagliari president Cellino replied to Inter president Moratti by saying, through a statement on the club's website: “Regarding the statements made by Inter president Moratti, Cagliari Football club would like to point out that they will make public telephone conversations on the matter made by the club.”