Real Madrid midfielder Emerson told Radio Gaucha: “It was not us who won the title this season, but Barcelona who lost it. I struggled because I was considered one of Capello’s men, something like this had never happened to me before. Everything is more difficult at Real compared to Italy, it’s impossible to be left alone. I am in the most prestigious club in the world, but Milan are much more structured. Everything works to perfection there, on and off the pitch. You never hear any complaints, everyone wants to play for Milan. I am ready to consider any offers I receive, money is not everything to me.” Meanwhile, new Real Madrid manager Schuster said, during interviews to Marca and AS newspapers: “Cannavaro had an excellent World Cup, and I was sure that was going to mean he would struggle in the following season. Also, the way Real played did not help him: they were not defending properly and it’s always defenders and the goalkeepers who struggle the most. I completely believe in him, he is a winner, we can’t let a player like him leave. I am sure next season will be much better, that’s why I insisted he stayed.” He also talked about Kaka: “We still have some hope, but we know that it probably will not happen this year. I think that in the future, sooner or later, Kaka could play for Real Madrid, but right now it’s looking too complicated.” Schuster then basically put Emerson on the market: “I have four players in mind for the central midfielder positions: Gago, Diarra, De la Red and Guti. The club knows Emerson will be allowed to leave. Capello wanted him because he is perfect for his style of play, but I have other ideas.” Schuster also talked about Capello, saying: “In any great team the lack of trophies creates tension and negative energy. That’s why the club only cared about winning straight away. They didn’t care about playing well, only winning. And they achieved that. Now they have won the Liga, everyone will be more relaxed, which I have to admit is very good news for me.” Schuster hopes the club will sign a further 3-4 players. He admits they are close to Drenthe (Under 21 Dutch player), says talks over Snejider are on hold, thinks it would be best to let Diego stay in Germany for another season, and says young defenders Torres, Marcelo and Drenthe will battle it out for the left-back role. previously occupied by Roberto Carlos.