Joorabchian, who is trying to negotiate Tevez's move to Manchester United, accused West Ham of failing to act upon "repeated promises and assurances" with regard to the player's future. And he confirmed his intention to bring "the true circumstances" to the attention of both FIFA and the Football Association. World governing body FIFA have already been called in to end the deadlock surrounding Tevez's proposed move to Old Trafford. A statement released by lawyers representing Joorabchian and his company MSI read: "Press statements both today [Wednesday] and over the last few weeks are wholly inconsistent with the real circumstances and the situation presented to us by West Ham concerning Carlos Tevez. "We as a company have patiently kept away from the issues including West Ham in order to give the club the opportunity to resolve the matter in a legal and agreeable way acceptable to all parties. "West Ham have consistently provided private assurances while at the same time making contrary statements to the public at large. "We can no longer allow these inconsistencies to continue unaddressed. "We wish to make clear that at all times it has been our intention to find an amicable solution and Carlos Tevez has, at no time, acted improperly in relation to his move to Manchester United Football Club as he was given permission via his representatives to talk to other clubs to reach an amicable agreement. "Over the last six months West Ham have made repeated promises and assurances which they have not acted upon or performed. It is now time for these inconsistencies to be brought to an end. "We see no alternative but to bring the true circumstances to the attention if a higher authority to aid a rapid conclusion to this issue." FIFA will be asked to bring in their dispute resolution panel or players' status committee to decide whether or not Tevez is fully bound by an existing contract with West Ham. Joorabchian and his company MSI claim to own Tevez's economic rights, while West Ham insist the striker is contracted and registered with them. The Premier League have demanded West Ham must receive the bulk of the £30million-plus transfer fee if they are to sanction the move. Both West Ham and United believe only FIFA can end the impasse over Tevez's ownership, which has held up the move to Old Trafford. The league have now been asked to send the case to FIFA - a move welcomed by Joorabchian, who is ready to show documentary evidence he claims proves West Ham gave permission for the deal to go ahead. Joorabchian's decision to adopt an aggressive stance has been prompted, in part at least, by West Ham claiming to have refused permission for Tevez to undergo a medical at United. It has been reported that a medical did go ahead on Wednesday even though Manchester United chief executive David Gill had did say Tevez had "not completed" one. United remain confident they will sign Tevez - but they may have to wait until beyond the transfer window. Gill said: "Hopefully the case will be heard on an expedited basis but we are not sure whether we will have him signed in time for the new season. "It may take up to two weeks for the body to be formed, all the paperwork has to be put together and then the case has to be heard. "Even given that timetable we hope by the time the new season kicks off, Carlos will be training at Carrington." Even if the dispute does drag on beyond the end of August, Tevez could still join United between transfer windows if FIFA declare him an effective free agent. That scenario happened with Tevez's compatriot Javier Mascherano before he was finally allowed to link up with Liverpool earlier this year. United legal expert Maurice Watkins met with West Ham chairman Eggert Magnusson in London this week but, despite feeling reasonably optimistic a solution could be negotiated, there was only deadlock. West Ham have confirmed they have written to the Premier League requesting the matter be referred to FIFA. A West Ham spokesman said: "It now makes sense for this to be dealt with by FIFA. "All parties agree this is the best way forward and of course we will be involved in helping this be resolved as quickly as possible." Gill added: "We are very confident this will be resolved in favour of the player and he will be free to achieve his wish of joining Manchester United. "All the discussions we have had over the last few weeks lead us to believe this will be resolved in Carlos' favour. "Once that happens, he will be free to join Manchester United." While FIFA will examine all the documentation before deciding whether they have any jurisdiction over the case, it seems certain the Premier League - as well as West Ham - would be happy to abide by any decision.