In an interview to Sky television, Fabio Capello spoke about some of the most talked-about players of the past season: “Ronaldo wanted to leave, and we had already received an offer for him last year, but Real had convinced me he would have gotten back to the form of his best years.” “Cassano is without a doubt the most talented Italian player around, but talent is not everything – he must realise he will go through difficult periods and he has to be able to deal with them. He is a good kid but sometimes loses control and that is not good for the team as a whole.” Capello seemed sceptical of Real’s chances of signing Kaka: “Knowing Berlusconi I would say it’s a dream that won’t come true. Berlusconi wants Milan to be the best in the world and he is counting on Kaka to achieve this. Maldini used to be the club’s figurehead until a few years ago, but now it’s Kaka.”