Charlton boss Alan Curbishley has revealed he does not expect to be the last manager to be interviewed over the England job. Pictures published on Sunday show Curbishley meeting with FA chief executive Brian Barwick on Friday at the home of the Addicks boss' brother, Bill, manager of rock legends The Who. However, the 48-year-old insists no decision has yet been taken by either party, as he and the FA "consider (their) respective positions". He said: "It seems after seeing the headlines this morning it was all a bit shady, a bit cloak and danger. "It was far from it. The FA asked permission to talk to me, Richard Murray gave me permission to talk to the FA. "It was, and I stress, a very informal chat if you like, it was no interview. "I wasn't the first person, and am definitely not going to be the last. I was just the one who got caught. "For me, it was an opportunity to see the face behind the name, and for them to see me, but it was all very informal. "I am on no list, I don't think at the moment, and I think they will be setting about speaking to some more people - they might not get caught, they might, but how else do you do it? "I woke up to those headlines, but that's life. I guess it might be a taster. "They were very preliminary, and an informal chat, I would say. "We will have to see if it progresses, I do not think there was a shortlist, there may be a very long list." In a separate statement on the club's official website, Curbishley continued: "I'm disappointed that the news of what was supposed to be a private and informal meeting has leaked out to the media. "The Football Association and I will now be considering our respective positions and any further statements will be made as and when appropriate whether they relate to further discussions or my withdrawal from the process." Curbishley insisted he was committed to the Addicks, who beat Middlesbrough 2-1 on Sunday. "I was away all of yesterday watching a player, I got home at 2am - and if that is not committed to Charlton, I do not know what is." He added on the club website: "I am totally committed to Charlton Athletic Football Club. We have some very important matches coming up in the next few weeks which can help us achieve our objective of a top-10 league finish and a place in the FA Cup semi-finals and I will not allow anything to deflect me from achieving those objectives." The Addicks had tried to keep the meeting under wraps and, in a separate statement, expressed their "disappointment" the FA had not consulted them before confirming the approach had been made. "The club can confirm it has given the FA permission to talk to Alan Curbishley with regard to the job of England manager," the statement from the south-east London club read. "We have unequivocally respected the Football Association's specific request not to disclose that permission had been sought or given and we are disappointed the Football Association issued a statement last night without making contact with any official of our club. "Our position remains as it has always been. We wish Alan Curbishley to remain as the manager of Charlton Athletic but the role of England manager is the top football coaching job in this country and if it is a role that Alan is offered and wishes to accept, we will not stand in his way."