Unisport are proud to present the brand new David Beckham - Adidas PowerSwerve DB White/Gold. The boot is from the Predator-collection by Adidas. More swerve. Bigger precision. Harder kick. Three things which David Beckham are known and feared for and that is why Adidas put a lot of effort into the development of the brand new Predator PowerSwerve. The development of the boot is not only made by Adidas, but also by Zinedine Zidane who of all players know what a top boot is about. The white/gold wonder will attract a lot of attention on the field and it’s therefore for the player who wants a remarkable boot in great quality. The upper is made of microfiber to get the best durability and microfiber is a very light material and it gives the boot a shinning look. We now offer You the opportunity to preorder the amazing boot. The recommended resale price is EUR 228,05, but as always you will save at least 15% on footwear at Unisport and therefore You can get David Beckham - Adidas PowerSwerve DB White/Gold for only EUR 193,83,-! Click here to preorder and read a lot more about Adidas Predator PowerSwerve DB White/Gold.