Tevez's representative claims the initial Premier League investigation into the terms of the player's transfer to West Ham in August last year, which ended with the Hammers being found guilty of breaching rules on third-party ownership and being fined £5.5million, was conducted with only "50% of the facts", and wants a new inquiry. "I don't like the way (Premier League chief executive) Richard Scudamore has, in a roundabout way, made suggestions and dragged me, my players, West Ham and the Premier League through the mud during this period of time," Joorabchian said. "That's why I want a proper independent inquiry and if the Premier League clubs agree, I'm willing to finance it, whatever it costs. Let's have total transparency Mr Scudamore, we have nothing to hide. "Why was a full, transparent and thorough investigation not done when your member clubs have a right to know what's happened? Why are they clouding this issue? "Why were the full facts not heard? Why were people not questioned? They never once asked us about any paperwork, never held discussions with us, never wrote us a letter. How did they decide on a £5.5million fine with only 50% of the facts." As well as escaping with a fine instead of a points deduction the Hammers were also controversially cleared to continuing playing Tevez for the remainder of the season after writing to Joorabchian notifying him that the club was cancelling the third party ownership agreement. Joorabchian did not agree to the cancellation but that did not stop Tevez from playing on and scoring the goals that kept the Hammers up and condemned Sheffield United to relegation. Tevez has now moved on loan to Manchester United after Joorabchian reached an out-of-court settlement with West Ham to release the player from his contract with the London club.