The Bulgarian was stunned when Spurs forked out £11million to sign him from German club Bayer Leverkusen last summer and insists reports suggesting he is now worth almost four times that figure are "abnormal". And when questioned about the United link, Berbatov maintained he was happy to stay at Spurs after the club made him feel so welcome after his arrival in England. He told The Sun: "Look, last summer when Spurs told me they were willing to pay £11million for me, I asked them if they were off their heads. "Now the word seems to be that my value is £40million and that's simply an abnormal sum of money. "The paradox is that I scored more goals and played even better when I was with Leverkusen but no way was I valued this highly. "The truth is everyone in the world of English football seems to look at things quite differently to what I am used to. "With regards to the whole Manchester United business, I just have to say that I'm very happy at Spurs. "Even more importantly, I recognise that Tottenham has given me everything in order to make my time in the Premier League a success and I feel stupendously grateful to them. So I'm happy where I am."