Protracted talks for a new deal has raised the possibility of the 29-year-old leaving for Barcelona, although his commitment to his current club has never been questioned. "My mind at the moment is going back pre-season with Chelsea of course," said the England midfielder. "I said after the FA Cup final that I wanted to stay but nothing has moved on from there and that is probably what leaves me in the situation I am in. "I have two years left on my contract at Chelsea, that's the way it is. They have no necessity to come and offer me anything so I just carry on and get on with it as you have to as a player." With his contract running down he has been consistently linked with Barcelona, where his wife is from, while the talks continue. He added: "In an ideal world I would have done it (signed a new deal) three weeks ago. But it is not an ideal world is it?" In fact, leaving the Premier League would be at odds with his view of wanting as much homegrown talent as possible playing professionally. He spoke about the importance of training youngsters in his role as ambassador for Tesco, who themselves have agreed a three-year deal with the Football Association for a skills programme to raise the standard of youngsters. One player who has left for the Nou Camp already is Thierry Henry, although Lampard does not feel Arsenal will go into free-fall without their talisman. "Anyone is going to miss Thierry Henry, let's get it right he is a fantastic player. He is one of the best players in the world. Has been for a long time," Lampard added. "It is a disappointment from Arsenal's point of view, but they will look forward as a club. "I don't buy into this thing that Arsenal are now dead and buried and falling apart. They are too big for that, they have too good a manager for that and too many good players for that. They will adjust and carry on as many teams do when they lose good players."