Laporta presented France hitman Henry to the world's media and Spanish club's fans when he paraded the 29-year-old at a press conference at the Nou Camp on Monday. Barca have splashed out £16.1million to land the 29-year-old - but Laporta insists he is happy with coach Frank Rijkaard. He said: "Frank Rijkaard is the best coach that Barca have. Respecting Arsene Wenger as a person and a coach, he is a really good coach, but in our opinion, and I hope the opinion of our players, Frank is the best." Henry, meanwhile, admitted it was an honour to join the Spanish giants on a four-year contract - but insisted compatriots like Lilian Thuram and Ludovic Giuly had not needed to sell the move to him. He said: "With all the other people who are waiting already in the stands to see me you can never dream for more. "What the slogan says is true, Barca is more than a club, whatever the situation at Barca the fans are coming because they love the club so much. "I speak to them (Thuram and Giuly) all the time because we are friends. It wasn't a matter of phoning to tell me to come or this or that. "My role is to be a Barcelona player, it's as simple as that. I don't have the opportunity to change anything, the boss is in control of the situation and some players have been here for a long time so I am just going to try and do my best on the pitch." Henry spent much of last season on the sidelines for the Gunners but insisted he has no concerns over his long-term fitness. "I had an injury last season which stopped me playing but if you look at my record of injuries there is only one, so hopefully I am sure I am back for good," he said. "I had a medical and I passed the medical easily, nothing was bad anywhere. I just need a little more rest and maybe not having played much the season before can be good for this season."