The Portuguese coach wants to regain the crown he won during the first two years of his stay at Chelsea but warns that Martin Jol's side have done enough to ensure they will be title contenders next season. Spurs have finished fifth in the last two seasons but Mourinho is shrewd enough to include them within the group of clubs capable of winning the league next term. Mourinho told Chelsea's official magazine: "I think five teams will be fighting for the title. "I put Tottenham there because they have a group of good players and I don't know why they don't belong to the fight. We are confident. "We have a team spirit, we have a philosophy and we have a young group because only Claude Makelele is 34 so we will be ready for another big season. "If somebody tells me over the next five years of my career I will win four championships again I will be happy. "I can't win 10 out of 10 so I accept it. I use the words I am happy we are not happy because it means the motivation is here. "I look forward to the next season, no problem." Mourinho also believes that Chelsea's two title triumphs raised the level of competition with the English game - typified by United's success. He added: "What I saw was before we won our two titles, everybody was saying that the Premiership is like a marathon. But a marathon is running at a low pace. "And I think people realise that after we won these two Premierships with so many matches won and so many points, this is not a marathon. "It is a very long sprint because it is unbelievable we finished second and we lost only three matches. "I think we raised the level of the competition by winning so much. "The number of points, the number of victories, it was fantastic what we did." The Chelsea coach is already looking forward to their pre-season campaign, which begins in America next month - even though he will still be without one or two key players. Mourinho continued: "The new pre-season will be not perfect but almost perfect. "I believe for 60 matches played in a season, six weeks' holiday would be more adapted to the needs of the players' bodies and minds. "And to be completely perfect we should start the season with every player and I am not sure of that because we have some surgeries during this period and I cannot guarantee that, for example, Ashley Cole, Ricardo Carvalho and so many of the boys will be back at the start. "Also maybe we have a couple of new South American players and because the South American Cup is played in June and we have a Brazilian like probably we will have in Alex, he cannot start this pre-season. "He would have been playing for the national team, but at least we have a proper pre-season, one month, six matches to play, almost everybody at the start training properly, more or less in the same way as all the other contenders for trophies." Chelsea's season was ravaged by injuries but they still maintained an interest in all four major competitions - winning two domestic cups and narrowly missing out on the Premiership and Champions League. But the experience will not stop the Portuguese coach from targeting all four again next term and insists that, at some point in his time at Stamford Bridge, the Champions League will be secured. Mourinho added: "We target everything but we know the reality of modern football. "We have the experience of details making the big difference. "It is difficult to always have the details on your side and it is difficult to have the details against you. "So it is very difficult to win every competition but I don't understand why people tend to put this kind of pressure on Chelsea and not the others. "Many Chelsea fans will say winning the first FA Cup at the new Wembley was brilliant, we enjoy Carling Cup victories, but next season we want the title back plus the Champions League far more than anything else. "I feel that is normal. I keep saying that with the Champions League, 10 teams invest to win it, 10 teams have squads to win it and some of these 10 teams, they have the traditional power of winning in Europe we don't have. But we will do it. "I am not a magician so I can't say exactly when. "But I know we will do it because if Chelsea reach three semi-finals in the last four competitions, it is because you are going in the right direction and it is because one day it will happen to our club."