Fulham, Sheffield United, Wigan and Charlton joined forces last week to explore the possibility of contesting an independent disciplinary commission's decision to fine the Hammers £5.5million and not deduct points for the signings of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano - which would have effectively seen the club relegated. According to The Times, the Premier League have written to all 20 member clubs warning that any challenge to the commission's findings "would fly in the face of the disciplinary structure that the clubs themselves created and we consider would, as a matter of law, be bound to fail". The newspaper also claims to have seen a second letter, signed by Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards and chief executive Richard Scudamore, which states the current position on Argentina striker Tevez after West Ham were ordered to tear up the illegal third-party agreement with Kia Joorabchian, the businessman who owns the rights to Tevez, for which they were originally punished. "The Premier League made it very clear to West Ham that unless it could be satisfied that all trace of any third-party ability to influence West Ham's policies or the performance of its team was removed, Tevez's registration would be terminated," said the letter. "Assurances were received in a satisfactory form from West Ham. West Ham has assured us that it has terminated the contract. It has also indicated that under no circumstances will it regard the contract as binding on West Ham and that it will defend any proceedings brought against West Ham seeking its enforcement."